News of the Colorist Awards

TimeInPixels - Partner of the Colorist Awards 2021

Welcome to Colorist Awards 2021!

ICG is pleased to announce that timeinpixels has participated in the Colorist Awards 2021 as a partner.

About timeinpixels

Filmmaking Tools and Resources.

We develop software for filmmakers, colorists and postproduction creatives, we publish cinematography articles and postproduction guides and how-to’s.

Creators of Nobe OmniScope, False Color, Nobe Color Remap, Nobe Display NDI.

About ICG

The Independent Colourists Guild (ICG) is the largest international community of professional colourists dedicated to developing and supporting colourists from around the world.
The guild provides an educational platform for development, technical support for various hardware and software color correction systems and of course a large community, which includes members from all over the world.
Members of the Guild are professional colorists from 88 countries (as of November 2021).


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