News of the Colorist Awards

CSI - Partner of the Colorist Awards

Great news!

One of the largest international communities CSI (Colourist Society International) has joined us as an official partner and co-organizer of the Colorist Awards 2020.

CSI is one of the most recognized by professional colorists communities in the world. The goal and objectives of CSI is to develop the colorists community and support colorists from different countries.

A partnership has been achieved between the main organizer ICG and the leadership of CSI. Now we, as one big family, are moving towards the same goal.

As a large professional community of colorists, ICG will organize and conduct this great event in the world of colorists.
CSI, for its part, will help to additionally provide this event with a professional jury for the second stage, as well as to resolve issues related to possible difficulties that often occur on the way of major international events.