1. COLORIST AWARDS 2021 are awards ceremony for the best professional colorists' merit in 2021. Hereafter referred to "Awards".

2. The program of the awards ceremony, as well as the procedure for demonstrating the submitted works of the participants, are determined by the organiser of the Awards.

The organizer is LLC "Independent Colourists Guild" (ICG).
The Co-Organizer of the Colorist Awards is the Colourist Society International (CSI)

3. COLORIST AWARDS 2021 nominations:

• The Best Color Grading of an Commercial Video;

• The Best Color Grading of a Feature Film;

• The Best Color Grading of a Documentary;

• The Best Color Grading of a Music Video;

• The Best Color Grading of a TV series;

• The Best Color Grading of a HDR Grading;

• The Best Color Grading of a Short Film;

• The Best Color Grading of a Animation Film;

• Nominated for Achievement in Color Grading.

4. Every colorist has a right to take part in the Awards.

Each participant can submit to the competition no more than 2 works to any nominations (free participation
Each participant can submit to the competition no more than 10 works to any nominations (paid participation)

Only works that has been officially posted or released to theaters between January 01, 2021 and December 31, 2021 are allowed to participate.

The duration of the video materials should not exceed 5 minutes.

The video should not contain: titles, work titles, names of directors, producers, DOP and colorist.

If the timing of the original work exceeds 5 minutes, the participant must cut up clips of the original film or series. At the same time, the scenes of the film or series included in the clip must be fully included.

The provision by the participant of video materials for participation in the Awards obliges the participant to ensure legitimacy in the provision of these works under copyright and related rights. In case of claims from third parties in relation to the organizers of the Awards, while using these videos during the Awards, they must be settled by the party (participant) that provided these videos.

Works sent to participate in the Awards must comply with moral and ethical standards, not contain insults and degrading treatment of other people, and also not contain scenes of violence and pornography, not encourage incitement or propaganda of ethnic and religious hatred.

5. Application deadline and cost of participation in the Awards.

The cost of participation in the Awards is FREE or $70 (or the corresponding equivalent in other currencies)

This cost of participation is a payment for the technical support of the work of each participant (providing access to a personal account on the server for downloading materials, as well as processing materials for viewing by the jury members of the Awards), and cannot guarantee that the submitted works will be included in the Long-list, Short-list Award nominations.

6. All submitted works (materials) for participation in the Awards must be transmitted through the online form via a web link that will be formed individually for each submitting application after payment is confirmed.

The works must satisfy the further requirements:

• Formats (Conteiners): MOV, MXF, MP4;

• Codecs: H.264, H.265, ProRes 422, DNxHD;

• Color space: Rec.709 Gamma 2.4; (For HDR Grading - Rec2020, ST2084, Gamma PQ)

• Frame size: 1920х1080.

Participants in the Short-list will have to submit higher quality materials in agreement with the organizers (DCP, UHD, P3).

Only Latin letters with no spaces should be used in the file name. Make sure to mention the surname and nomination to which the work is submitted.

• The Best Color Grading of an Commercial Video; ADV

• The Best Color Grading of a Feature Film; FEATURE

• The Best Color Grading of a Documentary; DOC

• The Best Color Grading of a Music Video; MUSIC

• The Best Color Grading of a TV series; SERIES

• The Best Color Grading of a HDR Grading; HDR

• The Best Color Grading of a Short Film; SHORT

• The Best Color Grading of a Animation Film; ANIMATION


When submitting works for the Awards, each participant will have to fill out an covering letter for each submitted work, which will describe the technical information on this work.

7. There are three stages of evaluation of the work sent by the participants for the Awards:

• A commission of 7 colorists (members of the organizing committee of the award) will make a Long-list, which will be published no later than January 20, 2022.

• A commission of 15 leading colorists (TOP professional colorists from the World) will make a Short-list, which will be published on February 15, 2022.

• The winners in each nomination will be determined by secret ballot by a commission (independent jury) consisting of 11 people who are well-known masters in the field of cinema and video content creation (directors, cameramen, producers).

Review and selection of works will be carried out on professional equipment that has been calibrated and guarantees a high-quality picture.

To watch film works, a certified cinema hall will be used for maximum accuracy of material reproduction.

The commission for determining the work included in the Short-list will include leading ICG colorists, recognized professionals in our industry.

The approximate date of the Colorist Awards 2021 is scheduled for March 28, 2022.

The Colorist Awards 2021 will be held in Rome (Italy).

The exact date, time and place of the awards ceremony will be determined later. Information will be posted on the official websites of the Awards (

8. The COLORIST AWARDS has the right to display a part of the video materials sent by the participants in all promotions organized under the brand name of the COLORIST AWARDS, which does not violate copyright and related rights.

9. Winners of the Awards will be awarded with Statuettes, Certificates, as well as prizes that will be provided by sponsors.

10. Participation in the Awards implies acceptance of all articles of this Regulation.

ICG contact information

Phone: +7 (916) 301 2727

The Awards contact information

website: - official website in English

e-mail: - for general information - for registration - for technical questions